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B. Reply Martin Puppe October 7, 2010 at 10:46 am "If you have SD videos, they could also bear the HD logo as long as you resize them and use a codec in your video editor that outputs the best quality possible, such as DivX or Xvid." It is important to note that you cannot improve the quality of the video this way. If your mobile plan allows you to MMS or use e-mail, you can even send it straight to YouTube via your personalized upload email address (you do need to be signed in). Regular users have even been receiving the fame treatment (at least on YouTube, with lots of views). Reply Jessica Cam W. All rights reserved.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Advertise - games. HOW TO Download MikuMikuDance Newest Latest Version of MMD Troubleshoot, Fix MMD BONUS PAGES Why convert PMD models to PMX? DOWNLOADS Homework! What IS MMD? Reggie Replies Q&A About Arizona NeKOMAN EMAIL CONFIRMATION REQUESTED! Privacy Policy . For HD videos, make sure youre recording at least in 1280720 (for 720p) or 19201080 (for 1080p).

Original videos of 640 x 480 will have black bars on the side in the video page. if she gets mad, fine -- you're only protecting her and it's your right as a mom 200 answers Parenting 2 days ago Has Barack Hussein Obama done irreversible damage to the United States of America? 128 answers Politics 2 days ago What is wrong with Trump why does he Tweet every thought that comes into his head? 65 answers Other - Politics & Government 1 day ago Do you really LIKE MCDONALDS now as much AS IN THE PAST? 95 answers Other - Food & Drink 23 hours ago Two things atheists/science can't seem to answer.? First off, I'm not a troll or a creationist nor religious but agnostic. Check out these pages: Download MikuMikuDance! MMD Step-by-Step instruction PMDE in English! LearnMMD's Downloads Page! Make an MMD Model! The "Happy Hands" meme Make an MMD Music Video! MMD Tutorials: "the making of" my video .OBJ Object Files 3D Printing MMD Models 4k video Accessory Manipulation/Adjust Add Background Pictures and AVI Animated GIFs Animated Titles Animation Lag Animation Resource Animation Shortcuts Applocale / 7-Zip Avidemux video software Bandizip Blender Bones Camera Motion CONTESTS Copyrighted Music Creating Motions Customize MME effects d3dx932.dll error Daz 3D Dealing with the Missing DLL Error Download MikuMikuDance Downloading New Models Dummy Bones Edit Effects .fx files File Management / Organization Fixing Broken Models Fixing Facial Names Follow Bone Free Music Functions-Copy-Paste-Expand Global Lighting Google SketchUp and MMD hand attachment bone HD Videos in MMD Intro to MikuMikuDance Irfanview Media Viewer Japanese Mode K Lite Mega Codec Pack 995 Keep the Faith-MMD Credits/Sharing Keyboard Shortcuts LAT Models Let's Play the Sample Dances Make a Smooth Walking Motion Make your own Accessories Making Models Making Smooth Motions Making Soundtracks Making Videos Rendering to AVI MENU Option Descriptions Metronome MMD Basics MMD Comics MMD Credit Helper MMD Fine Art MMD Memes MMD on a MAC MMD Stages MMD Tutorials MMDxShow.dll Error MME Effects Tutorials AmbientController AsciiArt Effect AutoLuminous MME / PMDE BacklightController Balloon Effect Beamman's AuraParticle Beamman's Beam! effect Beamman's BeamCharge Beamman's Bomb Effect Beamman's Breath Effect Beamman's Burner effect Beamman's DropShadow effect Beamman's Fire Breath Beamman's Grass Effect Beamman's GSW Gauge Beamman's Post Movie effect Beamman's Soft Smoke Beamman's Water v5 Blackout Effect Blizzard Effect CannonParticle Collapse Effect ColorShift 3D Effect Croquis Effect Difussion Effect Digital Ripple Disco Lighting Effect Download MME MikuMikuEffects Effect Mapping Falling Hearts effect Figure Shader Fireworks Effect Fireworks Kai effect Floor Light Art Effect GaussianVariable Ghost Effect Half-Lambert Shader Heaven Heaven Back Heaven Flont Screen Heaven Back Screen Heaven Flont Hologram Effect KeyScreen for PIP video MikuTelopE Subtitles Mirror Water Effect MotionBlur Effect Nameplate effect ObjectLuminous effect OldTV MME Effect Otome Paper Crowd model pmothair Effect Rainbow Ring Reggie's Evil Eye Rule of Thirds Effect SelfBurning Effect SelfDarkness Effect SelfFreeze Effect SHADERS Adult Shader effect Advanced Shader Technique ExcellentShadow2 GreenerShader L EdgeShader Manga Shader Effect NCHLShader2 oBleachBypass oSelfOverlay oShaderCustomSet oSurplusFilter otoBleach-bypass otoCMYK otoMono oTonemap otoSepia Silhouette White or Black Snow Effect SpotLight Effect Squash & Stretch SSAO Color Enhancing Subset-Extract Settings SvDOF Focus Adjustment Toon Shader ToonDX Effect Transition Panel (it's not an effect) VelocityMap Effect WorkingFloor MMM Tutorials MMM Text Engine Modify Facial Sliders Mother Bones Motion Capture Motion Data Index motion trace Move the Model with Box-Sel Multiply of Bone Frame Position-Angle Music and WAV Files Navigating Japanese Pages New Stage Accessory Nico Nico Noesis Nuts & Bolts OP Outside Parent Settings Physics Engine Piapro a Japanese art page PMD Editor in English PMDE Eye Textures PMDE Parts Adjust PMD Model Size PMDE Hair PMDE Ice Cream Cone PMDE Piron base PMDE Shirts PMDE Shoes PMDE Shorts PMDE Skirts & Dresses PMDE Textures PMDE/PMXE tutorials PMMLookupper PMX Editor Poser Poses Prism video software Random Thoughts & Visions Rendering to AVI Video Resize PMD Models Rigging Models Ripped Models Shadows & Edge Lines Side-by-Side Config Error Special Effects Spheres in MMD Storyboards The 12 Principles of Animation Anticipation Squash and Stretch Staging Trains in MMD Translate Japanese Pages Transparent Parts Troubleshooting MMD Update Codecs Use CENTER POSITION BIAS Using MME Effects Using The Interpolation Curve Virtual Machine VMD files VMDSpectrum Vocaloid program VPD Files VSQ Files Weighting Bones Welcome to LearnMMD.Com! 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